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The arts and cultural industry is comprised of many individual businesses. Just as the automobile industry needed R&D to restructure and retool to meet the structural and market challenges it faces in the 21st Century. So does the arts and cultural sector. 21st Century Arts and PeaceArt International hope to start a dialogue and instigate the community to collectively explore some of the critical issues that impact the sustainability and relevance of the arts and cultural field and thus the vitality of our community.

The ART POWER Symposium is the first event of AT THE CROSSROADS: ACTIVATING THE INTERSECTION OF ART AND JUSTICE, which will be held 9 am to 5 pm on October 9, 2017 at the New Horizon Faith Center at 36 King Street in Rochester, NY. 

Presented by 21st Century Arts and a collaborative of community organizers, “At the Crossroads: Activating the Intersection of Art and Justice’s” first event, the “ART POWER
Symposium,” is a full day of workshops, performances, and networking for the art and culture community. It will connect them with their capacities to disrupt racism, white supremacy. and oppression through their work.


The symposium fee is $40 and includes lunch. Register at-

The “ART POWER Symposium” program includes:

Reenah Golden – “Reclaiming Their Identities and Empowering Their Futures”

Reenah Golden shares her experiences as writer, educator, and co-founder of Kuumba Consultants in a combination talk and spoken word art piece that explores the power of youth voices in rewriting negative narratives.


Henry Avignon – “Read and Black: The Choice to Bare Witness”

From the mental hospital to the martyr’s funeral: Henry Avignon reveals how personal anxieties, fears, and failures may embolden and drive socio-political protest through art.


Annette Ramos - "Columbian Hypnosis"

In Augusto Boal's/Theatre of the Oppressed physical game there aren't spectators, only SPECT-ACTORS. The pairs actions in the game become excellent metaphors for human relationships - especially as related to power.


Screening of excerpts from Ava DuVernay’s “13th”

In this thought-provoking documentary, scholars, activists and politicians explore the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States. A 7-minute section of this film, which analyzes the impact of “The Birth of a Nation” will serve as a reference point for the “Art Power: Owning our Capacity to Disrupt Racism” workshop that follows.

Rachel Y. DeGuzman – “Art Power: Owning our Capacity to Disrupt Racism”

In this workshop, participants will explore D.W. Griffith's 1915 blockbuster film, “The Birth of a Nation,” as a springboard to connect with their individual and collective powers as cultural workers to create a more equitable cultural landscape in Upstate New York.


“ART POWER Symposium Karaoke”


An open mic close to the “ART POWER Symposium.” Attendees take the stage, grab the mic and share their perspectives on activating the intersection of art and justice in short, one-minute bytes.


…as well as presentations by Tokeya C. Graham and Santos Cruz.
Sponsors: Buffalo Moose Group, Kuumba Consultants, New Horizons Faith Center, New York Institute of Dance and Education, PeaceArt International, Rev. D.J. Robinson, Rochester Library and Monroe County Library System, Rochester Latino Theatre Company, and Soulstainable Living

At the Crossroads: Activating the Intersections of Art and Justice is organized by Rachel Y. DeGuzman (President and CEO at 21st Century Arts/Member of Artists Co-creating Real Equity PISAB) with a collaborative team of organizers including -Reenah Golden (Artist/Educator), Tokeya Graham (Artist/Educator), Thomas Warfield (Artist/Educator), Stephanie Paredes (Artist/Administrator), Cynnie Gaasch (Artist/Educator/Administrator– Western New York), Annette Ramos (Artist/Educator/Administrator), and Sean McLeod (Artist/Educator/Administrator-Central New York)

For additional information, please contact Rachel Y. Deguzman at:

Register Here:

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The Entrepreneurship in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC is made possible by the generous sponsorship and support of the following:


21st Century Arts

PeaceArt International

Genesee Center for the Arts & Education

Conifer Realty LLC

Delta Air Lines




Collaborative partners:

Janklow Arts Leadership Program at Syracuse University

             Rochester Downtown Development Corporation

A Call to Action Advisory Task Force


Special thanks:

Deborah Tretter

Thomas Warfield

Margot Muto

Carol White Llewellyn

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