“I may be stating the obvious, but our country is undergoing a major paradigm shift, and the arts and cultural sector is in crisis.  The world has dramatically changed since the National Endowment of the Arts was founded in 1965. We embrace those changes in science, technology, and medicine and expect those sectors to adjust – to innovate and thrive. It should not be any different in the arts and cultural sector.”


Rachel Y. DeGuzman, President and CEO at 21st Century Arts Inc.



June 3, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

10:00 A.M.

176 Anderson Avenue - 14607


Rochester, NY – Save the date for the upcoming press conference announcing a new innovative festival coming to Rochester  in July – “A Street Light Festival” – on Monday, June 15, 2015, 10:00 A.M. at 176 Anderson Avenue – Rochester 14607.

A Street Light Festival Issues Request for Proposals to Region

April 28, 2015

21st Century Arts, in conjunction with PeaceArt International, is requesting proposals from visual and performing artists, makers, scientists and all creatives who may be interested in participating in A Street Light Festival, a signature event of ROC the YOL ...

Task Force makes three recommendations to arts community

October 12, 2014

After establishing 21 Century Arts, a consulting and advocacy firm committed to fostering greater sustainability and relevance in the regional arts and cultural sector, I launched a series of actions to instigate transformation in the field. My role as a community instigator began organically from my work – with several blogs, followed by the first of an ongoing series of symposia, Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC, which was held on July 24 at Rochester Institute of Technology ...

Rachel DeGuzman convenes A Call to Action Advisory Task Force

September 7, 2014

(Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY) A little over a month after the groundbreaking "Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC" symposium, I am excited to announce the formation of the A Call to Action Advisory Task Force - convened to instigate dialogue and actions that advance sustainability and relevance in the local arts and cultural sector. The first task force meeting will be held on September 9 in downtown Rochester, New York ...

Results from post-diversity in the arts symposium survey

August 4, 2014

If you are my Facebook friend and look at the About You section, you will find a William Kempe quote that states –“I enjoy being given a certain amount of freedom to interpret or to come up with stuff, but I do enjoy collaboration. I seek and thrive on projects where I am going to learn from the people I’m working with.”


That was certainly true as I curated the “Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC” symposium. As I listened to the speakers and the attendee questions and comments on July 24. And as I read all of the thoughtful responses from last weeks’ survey ...

Speakers: Diversity necessary to arts groups success ...

July 24, 2014

(Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY) Arts organizations should be diverse because they’ll be better — and have more success — if they are.


That was the conclusion of more than one speaker at “Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC,” a daylong symposium held at Rochester Institute of Technology on Thursday. About 70 people attended the event, organized by 21st Century Arts, PeaceArt International and the college ...

Syracuse University Arts Leadership Expert to Speak at Rochester Institute of Technology ...

July 22, 2014

(Syracuse University - The College of Arts and Sciences News - Syracuse, NY) Janklow Program Founding Director Mark Nerenhausen Invited to Participate in Arts Symposium


Mark Nerenhausen, professor of practice and founding director of Syracuse University’s Janklow Arts Leadership Program will be among the guest speakers at Thursday’s Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC symposium. The one-day symposium, which will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), will feature a variety of experts that will discuss why diversity is important in their respective fields. The symposium will also explore the lack of diversity’s impact on sustainability and relevance as well as make the connection between declining participation, demographical shifts, and diversity in the arts ...

Striving for diversity in the arts ...

July 20, 2014

(Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY)  Fewer than 10 percent of those who head arts organizations nationwide are people of color. And fewer than 5 percent of orchestral musicians are African-American.


While these numbers are not that different from other industries, even leaders of arts organizations say they don't bode well for building future audiences in a country — and in Rochester — where the population is becoming more diverse ...

Essay: Call to action for arts community ...

July 19, 2014

(Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY)  When I was a little girl procrastinating over starting a chore or school assignment, my parents would tell me to get to it because “it’s not going to happen by osmosis.” We have persistent challenges in greater Rochester with increasing the color diversity in the arts as well as with declining participation. These interrelated threats to our sustainability won’t be addressed by osmosis and without collective, strategic intention and commitment. It is time to act ...

Conversations with Creatives - Interview with arts advocate Rachel DeGuzman ...

July 13, 2014

(RCTV - Rochester, NY) In this segment of Conversations with Creatives, Arts Advocate Rachel DeGuzman discusses the reason she has organized a free symposium in collaboration with PeaceArt and RIT called "Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC" that will take place at Ingle Auditorium at RIT on July 24 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Diversity in the arts to be explored

June 18, 2014

(Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY)  Local arts consultant Rachel DeGuzman has been talking about diversity among Rochester arts associations for a while with different players. She now is taking the next step and organizing "Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC," a symposium from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 24 at Rochester Institute of Technology's Ingle Auditorium. The free event is co-sponsored by PeaceArt International and Rochester Institute of Technology ...


June 12, 2014

(Rochester, NY) The Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC symposium will be held on Thursday, July 24, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Ingle Auditorium, which is located in the Student Alumni Union building at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This event is produced by 21st Century Arts in collaboration with PeaceArt International and Rochester Institute of Technology. The Diversity in the Arts symposium is free of charge and open to the public, but registration is required at 21stcenturyarts.net


The one day symposium, Diversity in the Arts: A Call to Action in ROC, is comprised of narratives from experts (see program details below) on why diversity is important to their respective fields with the assumption that these same imperatives also apply to the arts and cultural sector. It will explore the lack of diversity’s impact on sustainability and relevance as well as make the connection between declining participation, demographical shifts, and diversity in the arts ...



November 7, 2013

(Rochester, NY) Rachel Y. DeGuzman launches 21st Century Arts - a new consulting business that helps artists and cultural organizations become more successful. DeGuzman’s clients will benefit from her extensive background in arts administration and community engagement in Upstate New York and across the country. 21st Century Arts will offer strategic solutions for arts organizations to overcome many of the challenges that threaten their sustainability and capacity to fulfill their missions ...

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