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Building on more than 7 years of programming as 21st Century Arts, 21st Century Arts Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Launched in July 2020, it is a producer, presenter, and convenor that centers BIPOC culture and fosters equity and racial justice in the arts sector. 21st Century Arts Inc. is based in and produces work at its multi-faceted arts space, The Black House, which

is located in Rochester, NY.

“Rachel DeGuzman was and remains the most enlightened visionary cultural hero, marketing and publicity implementer that STREB EXTREME ACTION has ever worked with. She believes in spreading the magic elixir of all the arts into the community and out into the streets; to build the true and future legacy of the irreplaceable value of culture all across the United States.”


Elizabeth Streb, Artistic Director at STREB Extreme Action Company

““Inequity is not a theoretical or abstract concept to be debated by a dominant group, about an oppressed one. Marginalized people’s understanding of the existence of inequities and how they manifest are rooted in their lived experiences. They are the experts of their realities.”


Rachel Y. DeGuzman, Founder and Executive Director at 21st Century Arts Inc.

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